It took Clint two years to write “Sothafa” which is a wonderful fantasy adventure story with a medieval theme. Sadly, for one reason and another, the project was shelved for several years. In 2010, the band began performing a lot more of Clint’s original material. The audience response was very encouraging and this gave Clint the confidence he needed to embrace his creative side more fully. After much deep breathing, contemplation and reflection, he decided to resurrect and share his book with you. “I do not profess to be a literary genius but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story. I created a whole world in my head where I got to ‘call the shots’ and it was quite liberating. All I ever want to do as an entertainer is captivate my audience, put them in the moment and in so doing, help them de-stress and heal – my book did that for me – here’s hoping it does it for you!” Clint Cunningham
Mikus and Esoterin, the famed Shaman couple of Southern Sothafa are entrusted with the lives of the Royal Twins, Borgen and Berten after the Queens untimely death. Hushed to secrecy, they spirit the infants away and bring them up as their own. Showered with love and attention, Berten grows wise and compassionate whilst his brother Borgen rebels and becomes powerfully twisted and angry. Berten, under the watchful guidance of Mikus, tries to lead the oppressed country folk of the south away from the dominant Northern Nobility. In doing so he makes a mortal enemy of Lord Devnolan, now Borgen’s mentor, and a vicious struggle ensues. Can the rift in Sothafa be bridged? Will the political storm be calmed? As their Royalty is stumbled upon, which of the twins will rule?
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